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3M™ Personal Air Monitoring Device

3M™ - Personal Air Monitoring Device, 3M 3520, Organic Vapor with Two Stages For Increased Sampling  (Pack of 5)

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  • TAA Compliant


3M™ monitors sample airborne contaminants by the simple process of diffusion. Just clip to shirt lapel, collar, or pocket. No batteries, hoses or pumps required. Can also be used for area monitoring if sufficient airflow exists. 3M™ Monitors can be analyzed in the lab of your choice or returned for analysis when purchased with prepaid analysis.
The Organic Vapor Monitor 3520 with backup section uses primary and back-up sorbent pads for sampling demanding environments. Especially suited for monitoring compounds like acrylonitrile, butadiene and methylene chloride for which activated carbon shows limited capacity. It has two stages for increased sampling capacity. Each monitors more than 125 organic vapors. 18-month shelf life.
WARNING – Do Not Use For:
• Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide; Ethylene Oxide1; Formaldehyde2; Hydrogen Sulfide; Isocyanates; Methane; Ethane; Propane; Methyl Alcohol (Methanol); Methyl Chloride; Methyl, Dimethyl; Trimethyl Amines; Organic Solids; Sulfur Dioxide
• Reactive or polar compounds such as amines, phenols, aldehydes and low molecular weight alcohols
• Extremely low concentrations within a sampling period of less than 8 hours
• Particulates
1Ethylene Oxide can be monitored using 3M™ 3550/3551 Et

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3M™ - Personal Air Monitoring Device
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Organic Vapor
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Personal Air Monitoring System
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3M Organic Vapor Monitor 3520
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