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Bullard Respirator and Free-Air Pump

Bullard - CC20TIC35RT Respirator System with Double Bib Hood and Free-Air Pump  (Pack of 1)

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Bullard®’s CC20 respirator systems consist of a respirator hood or loose-fitting facepiece with suspension, breathing tube with flow control device and breathing air supply hose. All components must be present and assembled properly to constitute a NIOSH-approved respirator.
Simple, Effective, Ultra-Light
The CC20 Series Tychem® hoods provide a wide variety of simple, effective and economical options for on-the-job respiratory protection. The result is better protection, improved productivity and greater comfort that combines to produce the best value on the market. These hoods are approved by NIOSH and recommended by Bullard® for use in Type C applications.
Unique Air Delivery System
A patented neck cuff design helps maintain positive pressure inside the hood to aid in keeping contaminants out. As air enters the hood, the inner collar inflates, providing a snug, comfortable fit around the neck and continuous flow of air to the worker’s breathing zone.
Lightweight, Comfortable and Economical
CC20 Series hoods are lighter and more comfortable than tight-fitting full facepiece respirators. Covering the entire head, face and neck, the hood provides splash and overspray protection and makes cleanup quick and easy.
All Other Systems Include:_x000D_
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Breathing tube assembly_x000D_
Nylon belt

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Bullard - Respirator and Free-Air Pump
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Supplied Air Respirators
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CC20 Respirator System
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Respiratory System with Double Bib Hood
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