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Drummond™ Bulldog Grip Contact Adhesive and Sealant

Drummond™ - Bulldog Grip Contact Adhesive and Sealant Tube  (Pack of 6)

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6   ea.
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This item has been Discontinued.


Bulldog Grip is an extremely versatile compound with exceptional adhesive strength and flexibility. Adheres to porous and non-porous surfaces such as cinderblock, glass, metal, plastics and wood. Bulldog Grip is extremely flexible and performs well in applications involving expanding and contracting of substrates and in applications involving high vibration.
• Stretches up to 900% without breaking
• Waterproof formula maintains adhesion properties even under water
• Tensile strength: 3,800 PSI (ASTM D-412)
• Dielectric strength: 400 V/mil (ASTM D-149)
Typical Applications
• Seal rubber hoses
• Repair office furniture
• Adhere two metal surfaces
• Repair plastic, vinyl and canvas
• Repair leaks in PVC pipes
• Recoat wiring and water-seal electrical connections
• Adhere side molding and automotive trim
• Repair rubber floor mats, linoleum and tile

Tech Specs

Item# :
Product Name :
Bulldog Grip Contact Adhesive and Sealant
Dielectric Strength :
400 V/mm
Tensile Strength :
3800 PSI
Type :
Contact Adhesive and Sealant
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Size :
3.7 fl oz (US)
Description :
3.7 Oz. Tube
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TAA Compliant:
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