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Drummond™ Third Power Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

Drummond™ - Third Power Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser - Bottle, 32 fl. Oz.  (Pack of 12)

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12   ea.
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This item has been Discontinued.


Third Power™ is an NSF-certified product that meets public health and safety standards. It is a water-based cleaner and degreaser that offers superior cleaning ability. Strong, yet safe for the environment, non-toxic Third Power™ easily cuts through stubborn dirt, grease and grime. Concentrate options greatly reduce freight costs and storage requirements.
• Unscented, toxin free and not subject to SARA Title 313 requirements
• Will not trigger allergic reactions, asthma attacks or migraine headaches
• 99.17% VOC-free, biodegradable – contains no greenhouse gas compounds
• HMIS rating of 0,0,0 (the safest level) in the categories of health, flammability and reactivity
Institutional (Schools, hospitals, public buildings) and Food Service:
• Floors, walls, countertops and tiled surfaces
• Appliances, ovens and vent hoods

• Cleans and degreases machinery, workstations and concrete floors
• Cabinets, tool boxes and counters
• Metalworking machinery, tooling and parts washers

• Removes bugs and road grime from hoods, grilles and bumpers
• Cleans vehicle exteriors without harming or removing paint


  • Problem-Solver-1
  • Engineering-PIR-1