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Hardflex® Hacksaw Blade

Hardflex® - Hacksaw Blade, 12" Length, 26-32 TPI  (Pack of 30)

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30   ea.
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• Made in USA
Variable Pitch
• Teeth vary in size, spacing, gullet depth and number of teeth per inch along the whole length of the blade
• Allows each tooth to enter the workpiece at a different cutting angle than the tooth before it, cutting into the workpiece underneath the cut made by the previous tooth, which makes for better chip formation. This allows you to cut faster and results in a smooth-cut finish
• Less friction results in less heat buildup, particularly when cutting materials such as stainless steel that tend to work-harden easily
• Each variable pitch blade size is able to cut a wider range of thicknesses, materials and shapes than straight pitch blades – reducing time required for blade changes
Bi-Metal Construction
• A matrix alloy tool steel cutting edge is electronically welded to an alloy spring steel back
• Cuts tough materials up to Rc 45, yet remains shatterproof
• Can be tensioned to 30,000 PSI in a Hardflex® frame for greater performance
• Withstands heavy feed pressures, side pressures and shocks without stripping teeth
• Resists fatigue due to high friction cutting temperatures
• Teeth stay sharper longer
Wavy Set
• Groups of teeth are offset to the left and right throughout the blade
• Less likely to strip than raker set teeth, because the set extends from below the gullets
• On thin wall material, waviness increases the contact area, giving better accuracy
• Better choice when the workpiece thickness varies, or for thin materials which may catch or bind teeth
• The angle of each tooth changes gradually, thereby increasing the contact area and distributing the load
CAUTION: Any cutting tool may break or shatter under improper use. Government regulations require use of safety glasses and other appropriate safety equipment at all times in the vicinity of use.

Tech Specs

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Hardflex® - Hacksaw Blade
Type :
Maintenance Engineered
Length :
12 "
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Material Thickness :
1/16" and Thinner
Application :
Light BX Cable, Wire Rope, Gutters, Light Gauge Sheet Metal and Thin-Walled Tubing
TAA Compliant:
California Prop 65 WARNING California Proposition 65: WARNING: Cancer - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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