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Legris Modular Plug-In Connector, 6mm Tube

Legris - Modular Plug-In Connector, 6mm Tube  (Pack of 1)

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The modular construction of this component allows a number of pneumatic tubes to be connected or separated with a simple plug-in action.

A series of male/female connectors provide a leakproof joint. Units of any length can be constructed.

The two common uses for this product are:
1. Fixing one half to a panel, machine or bulkhead and allowing the floating half to be assembled or disconnected to change a machine or sequence. Often when machines are transported air lines are separated and this connection provides a foolproof method of reconnection on site.

2. Using the connector in an in-line mode for joining long lengths of pipe-work which need to be disconnected periodically. It is advisable to limit the unit length to five connectors.

Personalization of Connector
By reversing the slices of the module during their assembly it is possible to ”offset“ units so that they cannot be mixed or inadvertently connected in the wrong order.
Components Used In The Module Assembly
The module is constructed from a number of symmetrical components that are designed to work together.

When fully assembled, one box of the modular plug-in connector provides twenty, 4mm tube onnections (ten in one half and ten mating ones in the other).

The complete box contains:
- 10 units each
- 20 joining pins and 4 end pins
- 4 mounting brackets
- 4 coupling clips
- 1 dismantling tool
CAUTION: These fitting systems are not D.O.T. approved. Do not use for air brake connections.

Tech Specs

Item# :
Product Name :
Modular Plug-In Connector, 6mm Tube
Style :
Modular Plug-In Connector
Tube Size :
6 mm
Material :
Nylon Body
TAA Compliant: