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Power Green™ Power Green Ice Melt

Power Green™ - Power Green 50 lb bag  (2500 US Pounds)

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Standard Pack :
2500   lb
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Power Green™  
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  • TAA Compliant
This item has been Discontinued.


Melt more with less. Power Green™ gets you to a safe surface faster than untreated salt which means less product used. High performance at low application rates reduces chloride run off without sacrificing safety.

  • Effective down to –5°F (–1°C)
  • Reduced salt consumption: Bio-based coating accelerates melting while using less product compared to untreated sodium chloride based products
  • Green-blue tint is easier to see when applied to snow surfaces
  • 50 Lbs. (22.7 kg) per bag, 50 bags per skid