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Regency® Bastard Cut Mill Machinist File

Regency® - Bastard Cut Mill Machinist File, 14" Length, 1-5/16" Width, 1/4" Thick  (Pack of 1)

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• Specially-treated black oxide coating reduces loading of soft materials, prolongs tooth sharpness and tool life, and resists rusting
• Precision cut for uniform tooth height and sharpness
• Scientifically heat-treated for maximum hardness and edge-holding ability
• Unique cleaning process to eliminate grit and grime normally found in the bottom (gullets) of file teeth – eliminates excess clogging for faster filing
• American pattern
• Graduated coarse, fine and extra fine teeth (wavy teeth) are standard on files with a double cut (except round shapes); reduces chattering and lasts longer
• Wavy teeth work equally well on steel, iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, slate and wood
• Tool sharpening files
• Sharpens mill saws, shears, lawn mowers, axes, farm tools and circular saws
• Can be used for lathe work and general filing
• Single cut on body and edges
• Width tapers slightly toward point
File Handles are for Regency® files only.
For safety reasons and to prevent possible OSHA violations, a tanged file should never be used without a tight-fitting handle. A handle will not only help prevent accidents, it helps make the job easier and more enjoyable.
CAUTION: Protect yourself from product breakage and flying particles. Always wear eye and face protection, and make sure machine guards are in place. Comply with ANSI B7.1.

Tech Specs

Item# :
Product Name :
Bastard Cut Mill Machinist File
Type :
Mill, Bastard Cut
Length :
14 "
Width :
1-5/16 "
Thickness :
1/4 "
TAA Compliant:


  • Engineering-PIR-1