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Regency® Cutting Tool Bundle

Regency® - Extractor Kit with Drummond™ Brr-Eaker Rust Breaking Penetrant Bundle  (Pack of 1)

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Left Hand Drill Bits
• 135° modified split point
• Self-centering point; eliminates drill walking
• Manufactured from top-quality high-speed steel to reduce breakage and chipping for increased toughness and longer tool life
• Drill size equals the shank size
• Gold finish
• Made in USA
• A band identifies left hand drill bits

Screw Extractors
• Removes broken studs rapidly and easily

BRR-Eaker is unlike any penetrating oil on the market today. BRR-Eaker features a unique three-phase combination of thermal action, special lubricants and rust-eating agents. Thermal action chills and contracts parts, breaking rust barrier by opening cracks and fissures. Before you reach for a torch to cut the bolt, reach for BRR-Eaker.

• Remove rusty-frozen nut and bolt assemblies – safe on steel, aluminum, stainless, brass and other common fastener alloys
• Pipe fittings and flanges – lubricates and loosens even over-tightened tapered thread fittings and corroded mating surfaces
• Linkages, drive chain and roller chain accessories – restores smooth motion and eliminates squeaks and chatter
• Conveyors, hinges and rollers – eliminates wear and protects against rust and corrosion

• 16 oz. can size; 9 oz. net wt.
CAUTION: Any cutting tool may break or shatter under improper use. Government regulations require use of safety glasses and other appropriate safety equipment at all times in the vicinity of use.

88838 Regency® Extractor and Drill Kit 1
DA8060 Drummond™ Brr-Eaker Rust Breaking Penetrant 3

Tech Specs

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Cutting Tool Bundle
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1/8 to 1/2 by 16ths; Straight Fluted Screw Extractors, No. 1 to 6
Point :
135° Modified Split
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