About Us

Since 1952, Lawson Products has been helping to make customers' jobs easier by improving efficiency, productivity and overall performance. As an industrial distributor operating in the MRO space, we continuously explore ways to grow our business. Part of our growth strategy is to acquire well-run, respected organizations, creating a strong relationship that encompasses investing in employees and providing outstanding customer service. Much more than
acquiring assets or books of business, we’re acquiring talent—the people that are the heart of an organization.

Our Mission
We work closely with our customers to maintain and enhance their operations through products, service and innovative solutions.

Our Vision
We aspire to be our customers’ first choice for maintenance, repair and operational solutions that improve their operating performance.

“Lawson Products doesn’t acquire companies; we invite companies to join us.”
-Michael G. DeCata, President & CEO, Lawson Products

We are actively seeking organizations:

  • Taking a “high-touch” selling model approach that differentiates them from the competition.
  • Serving similar maintenance needs to customers in automotive repair, fleet maintenance, manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, mining, and wholesale industries.
  • Operating in the consumable product MRO space—distribution of fasteners, cutting tools, chemicals, hydraulic parts, and other small parts that help keep customer operations running efficiently.

Grow with Us – Our Acquisition Process

  • Screening. Through informal discussions, we will determine whether there is a strategic fit between the two organizations. If both parties are interested in a detailed review to determine if partnership makes sense, we will sign a Confidentiality Agreement which will allow both parties to exchange confidential information.
  • Preliminary due diligence. A small Lawson Products team will ask a series of questions that help us understand how your business works, how it is different from our business, and how we start to think about combining the two entities. If the original thesis for value creation still holds after reviewing the answers to our questions, we will prepare and negotiate a document that outlines the terms under which both parties agree a transaction makes sense - generally referred to as an Indication of Interest (IOI), or a Letter of Intent (LOI).
  • Due diligence. This process is intended to create a full understanding of the business being acquired. It creates an opportunity to establish relationships between the leadership teams that will be responsible for the combined business going forward. The process ends with a purchase agreement being developed which provides more specifics to the terms in the LOI.
  • Closing. The purchase agreement will be completed and signed. Funding for the transaction will be exchanged. Communication of the transaction will begin including any legally required notifications, communications to employees of both companies, and announcements to significant customers and suppliers.
  • Integration. The combined leadership team will determine the best path toward integrating the operations of the two companies to create value. Ongoing communications will keep employees from both companies informed and engaged. Cross-company integration teams will develop and complete the required integration activities

Our Recent Acquisitions

  • Partsmaster
    • Greenville, Texas, USA
    • August 2020
    • Distributor of premium cutting tools, fasteners, abrasives, coatings, and other MRO supplies
  • Screw Products Inc.
    • Dallas, Texas, USA
    • October 2018
    • Regional distributor of bulk industrial products to large manufacturers and job shops that provides customized fastener and components packaging, sub-assembly and kitting services
  • Bolt Supply House
    • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    • October 2017
    • Branch-based distributor of fasteners, power tools and industrial MRO supplies
  • Mattic Industries
    • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    • October 2016
    • Distributor of rivets, fasteners and other industrial components, expanding our product knowledge for the trucking industry
  • F.B. Feeney Hardware
    • Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    • May 2016
    • Distributor of rivets, fasteners and other industrial components enhancing fleet product applications
  • Perfect Products of Michigan
    • Clinton Township, Michigan, USA
    • March 2016
    • Full-service fastener, bolt, nut, clip and screw distributor expanding our Kent Automotive business’ presence in automotive repair and body shops
  • West Coast Fasteners
    • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    • October 2015
    • Full-service fastener, bolt, nut, clip and screw for automotive repair and body shops


Bolt Supply House
I appreciate Lawson Products’ problem-solving culture that helps our customers and our company continuously improve. Recognition for exceptional customer service, technical support and product expertise from the outset of our partnership did not go unnoticed.

F.B. Feeney
They made themselves completely available to us. They answered every question or concern, and they walked us through transition and integration plans. They were really invested in the people side of the process, which said a lot about Lawson. I knew this was going to be a good move.

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