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Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station

Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station  (Pack of 1)

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The most complete aluminum panel repair station on the market offering everything needed to repair dents and creases from start to finish. It's designed for ease of use with the technician in mind.
Repair Station Includes:
Coating Removal
One – Inline Pneumatic Paint Remover
One – Stainless Steel Brush
One – Stainless-Steel Shoe Handle Brush
One – Stainless-Steel Tooth Brush
Heat Application
One – Digital Set Temperature Heat Gun
One – Infrared Temperature Gauge
Stud Pins
One – Capacitor Discharge Welder (electrostatic type) – utilizes a self-contained, weld gun with ground
alu-magnesium and alu-silicon stud pins
Dent Pulling
One – Hand T-Puller
One – Squeeze Puller
One – Lever Puller
One – Bridge Puller
One – Quick Pull Fingers
Panel Shaping
One – Body File and 350mm Blade
One – Pick/Finishing Hammer
One – Curved Pein/Finishing Hammer
One – Reverse-Curve Hammer
One – 22mm Soft Face Hammer
One – 35mm Dead Blow Hammer
One – Bolster-Head Nylon Chisel
One – Round-Head Nylon Chisel
One – Double-End Nylon Dolly
One – Utility Dolly
One – Double-End Dolly
One – Thin-Toe Dolly
One – Heel Dolly
One – Curved Dolly
Extra Storage Third Drawer
Dust Cover