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Amber Lamp with White Theft-Resistant Flange

Amber LED Lamp with White Theft Resistant Flange - 4" Round Stop, Tail and Turn; 3/4" Lamp Depth; Acrylic/ABS Housing; 0.24 Amp Draw; 10 Diode  (Pack of 1)

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LED lighting is a new generation of lighting products for the trucking industry. LEDs are fast becoming the first choice for new truck installation, as well as for retrofitting existing trucks. The advantages of LED lighting include:
• Cuts maintenance costs – no replacement bulbs. Lamp life is 100,000 hours, ten year warranty
• Potted circuit board – prevents damage from moisture and vibration
• Reduces amp draw – critical for today’s more demanding electrical systems that power additional systems like anti-lock brakes
• Improves safety – LED lamps light up much sooner and brighter. Better light recognition means a vehicle behind you will stop 39 feet sooner at 65 mph
• Many lamp shapes and styles are the same as incandescent lamps – for easy replacement
Type: 4" Round Stop/Tail/Turn (red) or Auxiliary (amber) 10 Diode LED Lamp
Lens: 4" dia. sealed unit
Lamp Depth: 3/4"
Housing: Acrylic/ABS
Mounting: Rubber grommet requires 4-1/2" hole
Amp Draw: 0.24A
Diodes: 10
Applications: Economical alternative to standard 24 diode LED lamps

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Amber Lamp with White Theft-Resistant Flange
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Amber Lamp with White Theft-Resistant Flange
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  • Engineering-PIR-1