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Assortment Kit 21 Items 120Pcs

Assortment Kit, 21 Items, 120 Pieces, Includes Molding Clips, Grommets and Retainers, Nylon/Plastic for Chrysler  (Pack of 1)

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12 Items, 120 Pieces

KA16 16 Compartment Drawer, 3" H x 18" W x 12" D 1
1365426 Rocker Molding Retainer for Chrysler, Plastic, Black, Fits 6mm Hole, 10 x 20mm Head, 14mm Stem Length, 4mm Panel Range 10
1365424 Door Panel Retainer with Sealer for Chrysler, Plastic, White, Fits 9mm Hole, 16mm Top Head, 22mm Flange Diameter 10
1365421 Rocker Molding Retainer for Chrysler, Plastic, White, Fits 9mm Hole, 14 x 20mm Top Head, 16mm Stem Length, 2mm Panel Range 10
1224108 Rocker Molding Clip for Chrysler, Nylon, Black, Fits 10mm Hole, 14 x 38mm Top and 16 x 38mm Bottom Head, 14mm Stem Length 10
1118504 Bumper Retainer for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2008+ and Chrysler, Nylon, Black, 35mm Head, 14mm Stem Length, 28mm Overall Height 10
1231557 Bumper Drive Rivet for Chrysler, Black, Plastic, Fits 8mm Hole, 18mm Flange Diameter, 2.5-7mm Panel Range, 10mm Stem Length 10
1118452 Fender Liner Blind Rivet for Dodge Dakota, Nylon, Black, 1/4" Diameter, 5/32-15/64" Grip Range, 1-1/32" Flange Diameter 10
1118484 Door Trim Panel Push-Type Retainer for Ford, Nylon, Gray, Fits 9mm Hole, 22mm Head, 10mm Stem Length 10
1118779 Fender and Rocker Molding Blind Rivet for Ford, Nylon, Black, 6.3mm Hole Diameter, 4-7mm Grip Range, 13mm Flange Diameter 10
1457520 Molding Clip with Sealer for Jeep Cherokee 2014+, Nylon, White, 11.5 x 21 Head, 11mm Stem Length, 17mm Overall Height 10
1431680 Door Panel and Bumper Grommet for Chrysler, Plastic, Green, M4.2 Screw Size, Fits 9mm Square Hole, 16mm Square Flange 10
1431112 Grille Molding Clip for Dodge Ram, Nylon, Black, 20mm Flange Diameter, 13 x 12mm Stem, 31mm Overall Length 10


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