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Body Hardware Assortment for BMW

Body Hardware Assortment for BMW, 22 Items, 165 Pieces, Includes Retainers, Rivet, U-Nut, Molding Insert  (Pack of 1)

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18 Items, 140 Pieces

KT12302 Bumper Trim Push-Type Retainer for BMW, Nylon, Black, Fits 6.3mm Hole, 20mm Head, 17mm Stem Length 5
KT12297 Scuff Plate Push-Type Retainer for BMW, Nylon, Black, Fits 6.3mm Hole, 15mm Head, 15mm Stem Length 10
KT12275 U-Nut for BMW, Steel, Plated Finish, M5.6 Screw Size, 1.2-2mm Panel Range, 10mm Center of Hole to Edge 10
KT13750 Blind Rivet for BMW, Nylon, Black, 7/32" Diameter, 25/32" Flange Diameter, 7/64-3/16" Grip Range 5
KT12306 Trim Panel Retainer for BMW, Nylon, White, 14mm Top, 15mm Middle and 18mm Bottom Head, 9 x 15mm Stem Size 10
KT12324 Cowl Vent and Trunk Trim Retainer for BMW, Plastic, White, Fits 8mm Hole, 11 x 14mm Head, 14mm Overall Length 10
KT12307 Cowl Panel Molding Insert for BMW, Plastic, Black, 13mm Head, 9 x 11mm Stem 10
KT12286 Emblem Grommet for BMW, Nylon, Natural, Fits 6.8mm Hole, 12mm Head, 8mm Stem Length 3
KT12322 Scuff Plate Retainer for BMW 3, 5, Z3 and M Series, 1992+, Plastic, Fits 5.7mm Hole, 9 x 12mm Flange 5
KT12319 Front Bumper Drive Rivet for BMW, Plastic, Black, Fits 5mm Hole, 10mm Flange Diameter, 3-8mm Panel Range 10
KT12325 Front Bumper Drive Rivet, Scuff Plate and Interior Trim, Plastic, Black, Fits 8mm Hole, 20mm Flange Diameter, 11mm Panel Range 10
KT12282 U-Nut for Mercedes Benz, Steel, Zinc, M4.2 Screw Size, 3-4mm Panel Range, 7mm Center of Hole to Edge 10
KT12281 U-Nut for BMW/Mercedes Benz, Steel, Zinc, M4.8 Screw Size, 0.5-1.7mm Panel Range, 7mm Center of Hole to Edge 10
KT12339 Headlamp Cover Retainer for BMW, Plastic, Black, Used with Headlamp Cover Grommet 5
KT12340 Headlamp Cover Grommet - Plastic 5
KT12320 Cowl Vent Screw Rivet for BMW 5 Series 1997+, Nylon, Black, 20mm Head, 16mm Stem Length 10
KT12321 Window Regulator Guide with Attaching Clip for Audi Q5 and RS5 2009-2015, Plastic 2
KT12326 Front Bumper Grille Drive Rivet for BMW, Front and Rear Bumper Cover, Plastic, Black, Fits 6.3mm Hole, 20mm Head 10
KA24 24 Compartment Drawer, 3" H x 18" W x 12" D 1

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Body Hardware Assortment for BMW
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BMW Body Hardware
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  • BMW Body Hardware