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12 Items, 120 Pieces

KA16 16 Compartment Drawer, 3" H x 18" W x 12" D 1
1365437 Rocker Moulding Retainer - Fits 10mm Hole; 12mm x 20mm Head Size; 15mm x 20mm Flange; 14.5mm Stem Length; Plastic w/ Seal 10
1458631 Fender, Sill and Radiator Support Structural Blind Rivet - 6.3mm Diameter; 2.79mm - 4.8mm Grip Range; 13.3mm Flange Diameter; Steel Rivet with Steel Mandrel 10
1431685 Rocker Panel and Deck Lid Moulding Retainer - 15mm x 20mm Top Head Size; 14mm Stem Length; 20mm Overall Length; White Plastic 10
1431082 Hex Head Sems® Tapping Screw - M4.2-1.41 x 30mm (#8 x 1-3/16"); 17mm Washer Diameter; 7mm Across Flats; Black Phosphate Finish 10
1365430 Bumper Retainer - Fits 9mm Hole; 12 x 20mm Head Size; 12 x 24mm Flange; 16mm Stem Length; 0.8mm Panel Range; Gray Plastic w/ Seal 10
1431111 Hood Insulation Retainer - 28mm x 30mm Head Size; 14mm Stem Length; 16mm Overall Height; Black Nylon 10
1431679 Cowl, Trim, Bumper, Fender and Engine Under Cover Grommet Nut - M4.8 Screw Size; 20mm Flange Diameter; Fits into 11.5 x 8.2mm Hole; Natural Plastic 10
1431682 Fender Corner and Rocker Moulding Retainer - 12mm Stem Length; Fits into 9mm Hole; Black Plastic 10
1365422 Fender Apron, Bumper, Interior and Trunk Trim Retainer - Fits 8mm Hole; 20mm Head Diameter; 17mm Stem Length; 19mm Overall Length; 2.0-7.0mm Panel Range; Black Textured Plastic 10
1468618 FORD RETAINER 10
1457519 License Plate and Tail Light Screw Grommet with Sealer - M6.3-1.81 (#14) Screw Size; 15mm x 15mm Head Size; 22mm Stem Length; Black Nylon 10
1404341 Lower Radiator Shield Screw-Drive Rivet - 18mm Flange Diameter; 12mm Stem Length; 14mm Overall Length; 4.8mm - 7.9mm Panel Range; Fits into 7mm Hole; Black Plastic 10


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