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Fusible Link Wire-12 AWG

Fusible Link Wire-12 AWG, 25' Length,  (Pack of 1)

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A fusible link is a special short length of low-tension cable installed by an OEM and designed to open a circuit when subjected to extreme current overload to minimize wiring system damage when such an overload accidentally occurs in those circuits. A short circuit causes the fusible link to act as an element in a slow-blow fuse. A fusible link is not intended to be used in place of a fuse, but only where a fuse is not economical. The vehicle manufacturer should be consulted about questions on fusible link length and size. Typically, a fusible link should be four gauges smaller than the circuit wire. For example, if the circuit wire is 12 Ga., use a 16 Ga. fusible link.
• Meets SAE Specification J156
• Insulation is an EAE elastomer, rated at 302°F (150°C) and has characteristics superior to SAE J1128 Type SXL
• Supplied in 25-foot spools
NOTE: Extreme care should be taken to always replace a fusible link with one of the same gauge and length as installed by the manufacturer. This material is suitable only for the replacement of a failed factory-installed link after the cause of failure is corrected. It should not be used to replace a fuse or circuit breaker.

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Fusible Link Wire-12 AWG
Wire Gauge :
12 AWG
Length :
25 ft
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1 Spool
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Meets SAE Specification J156
Style :
Spooled Fusible Link Wire
Type :
Vehicle Circuit Protection
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