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Oxy-Therm System Kit with Regulator

Oxy-Therm System Kit with Regulator, Includes Rod Holder, 25' Cable, Oxygen Hose, Solid Copper Striker Plate and Collets  (Pack of 1)

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  • TAA Compliant


• Cut, gouge and pierce virtually any material, including all metals and thin concrete
• Burns virtually any material, including cast iron, steel, stainless steel, light cement, granite, nickel, titanium, bronze alloys and aluminum, as well as exotic metals and refractory materials
• Burns in damp atmospheres because it operates at temperatures up to 10,000°F (5,538°C)
• Requires only a 12V or 24V battery and oxygen supply
• Operates in all positions; rods can be bent for accessibility and alignment
• Safer than other burning systems – no fuel gases are needed
• Produces less noise, smoke and noxious gases than other systems
• Portable for field use – no heavy or sensitive parts
• Battery Pack sold separately
• Built-in flashback arrestor
CW3589 System Contains:
Rod Holder with Shield
25' Cable and Oxygen Hose
Solid Copper Striker Plate with 25' Cable
Collets for 1/4" and 3/8" Rods
Carrying Case
(Rods and Battery Pack sold separately)
Typical Applications
• Track and bucket pin removal, gouging and removing hardfacing and old welds, and bucket repair
• Removes king pins, quickly cuts out bucket tooth shanks as well as bucket edges, and removes bushings
• Casting plants – ideal for spill clean-up, tap cleaning, riser cutting and mold repair
• Penetrates thin concrete for pipe installation and machinery anchor bolts

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Oxy-Therm System Kit with Regulator
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System & Regulator
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Oxy-Therm System with Regulator
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