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Welding Protective Sheild

Black Knight Welding Protective Shield, Carbon Fiber Fabric, Heat Resistant to 1800° F, 8' x 8'  (Pack of 1)

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Heat-resistant, flexible material protects nearby areas and equipment from heat, flame, sparks and weld spatter. These shields are made with a carbon fiber fabric that was developed from NASA technologies and is extremely resistant to fire and heat. The versatile blankets are soft and lightweight, providing incredible ease-of-use. They provide protection from direct contact with weld spatter and are perfect for covering finished surfaces such as automotive and OEM equipment applications. The tough, tear-resistant material stands up to heat, flame and molten metal. Easy to clean; just shake, vacuum or blow metal particles out.
• Working temperature: 1,800°F (982°C)
• ASTM E84-97a scores: Flame spread index = 7; smoke index = 4
• Meets and exceeds all standards of NFPA 701 (standard method of fire tests for flame-resistant textiles and films)
WARNING: Cannot be used as fire-retardant clothing
WARNING: Temperatures and applications are intended as guidelines only and not as guarantee of performance. All blankets are subject to burn-through. The products provide only temporary protection within their individual specifications. It’s the user’s responsibility to monitor their activity and use of the product at all times. Contact the Cronatron Technical Hotline at (800) 843-0763 if you should have any questions.


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