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Introducing Total Business Mobility

With Lawson’s easy-to-navigate mobile website and click-to-order catalog app* you’ll always have your pricing, your products and your Lawson Rep at your fingertips. It’s where great service meets anywhere access.

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  • Search products by size, description, item number or brand
  • Track orders on-the-go
  • Access MSDS, Problem Solvers, videos
  • Build a cart from anywhere and checkout later
  • One-touch access to Customer Service

*Download the Lawson Products Catalog App from Google Play™
to your Nexus 7™ or from the App Store℠ or iTunes® to your iPad or iPhone.

What is the Mobile Web?
Mobile Web is designed with the core functions of the website on a smaller screen that allows for easy navigation while on-the-go from your smartphone.

How do I access the Mobile Web?
Using your smartphone, type the same URL as the full site, www.lawsonproducts.com – there is no App to download.

Will the mobile view work on an iPhone or Android Phone?
Yes. The Mobile Web is the default view on a smartphone. It is optimized for the smartphone’s smaller screen. There is an option to view the “Full Site” in the footer navigation of the mobile web. The “Full Site” is the default view on a tablet device and is the same view as on a PC.

What features are available from the Mobile Web?
You can login, search for products, add to cart and checkout. You can also check stock from the product details and shopping cart, search for MSDS sheets, track UPS shipments, enter items directly on the Quick Order, use a Bluetooth scanning device with Quick Order, and see various content and promotions, like the Web and Monthly Specials from your smartphone using Mobile Web.

Can I register using a mobile device?
Yes. You may select the “Register” link in the footer or during the checkout process on a smartphone. This will take you to the “Full Site” to complete the registration form. Is there a separate User ID for login when using the Mobile Web on a smartphone? No. The same User ID and password used on the Full Site is used on the Mobile Web. Once logged in, you will be able to access your account-specific information, including pricing.

What is the Digital Catalog App?
The Digital Catalog App is available to everyone from the App Store for Apple devices (smartphones and tablets) or from Google Play for Android devices. The digital catalog provides access to a wide range of products and can be viewed online via the Internet or can be downloaded from the Internet to your mobile device for local use and use when an Internet connection is not available. When Internet access is available the Digital Catalog App connects to either the Mobile Web on your smartphone or the Full Website (PC or tablet) to provide account specific pricing and to complete the ordering process.

What is the difference between Mobile Web and the Digital Catalog App?
Mobile Web is available through the browser on your smartphone while the Digital Catalog App requires you to download an App to your mobile device or tablet. Will accessing the Mobile Web on a smartphone count against my carrier’s data plan? In general, anytime you access a website on your smartphone it will count against your data plan. For specific information on your data plan, please contact your carrier.

Who can I contact for help with using the Mobile Web or the Digital Catalog?
Please contact Customer Service at (866) 837-9908 for assistance.

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