Purchasing Solutions Alliance

PSA National Cooperative

The Purchasing Solutions Alliance Contract (PSA) for MRO Equipment, Supplies and Services Agreement #12-100 can be utilized by all state and local government entities including:

  • Cities, Counties and other Local Governments
  • Political Subdivisions and Planning Commissions
  • School District, Colleges and Universities
  • Emergency Medical Services and Fire Districts
  • Hospitals and Hospital Districts
  • Special Law Enforcement Jurisdictions
  • Judicial Courts and Districts
  • Utility Districts
  • Special Districts
  • State Agencies
  • Nonprofits

The PSA Membership Advantages include:

  • Volume purchasing discounts
  • Expedites the procurement process for member entities
  • No cost or fees to participate
  • No minimum spending requirements
  • PSA absorbs the administrative cost of preparing and soliciting bids and publishing legal notices
  • Complies with state purchasing codes for all eligible members
  • Proficient contract administration

Not a member yet? Becoming a member is free and easy.

Membership requires the governing body or designee of an entity to approve the PSA Interlocal Purchasing Agreement (ILA).

Please use the following process to gain approval:
Step 1: Go to psabuy.org and select membership pages.
Step 2: Print two copies of the PSA Interlocal Purchasing Agreement and fill in all required information.
Step 3: Obtain the signature of the Chief Elected Official or Designee of your entity.
Step 4: Send both documents with original signatures to PSA at all the address indicated on the
Step 5: PSA will execute both copies of the agreement and return one to your entity. A PSA member will              contact you to initiate your membership.
Step 6: Once you've received your signed agreement register online. Once an account is set up for you,              you will be able to see your contract pricing when you log in and order online.


PSA Contact Information
Michael D. Lucas, Program Manager
Phone 979.595.2801 x2035
Fax 979.595.2810
Email mlucas@bvcog.org

Christina Nielsen, Director of Government Sales
Phone 800.890.8198
Email christina.nielsen@lawsonproducts.com