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Clean and Degrease with Bioenzymatic Action

Bio Mighty Cuts Through Dirt to Deep Clean

Bio Mighty from Lawson Products is a two-step process d-limonene cleaner and degreaser. Bio Mighty cuts through heavy dirt, petroleum-based oil and grease, animal and vegetable fat, ink, adhesive, wax, grease, grime, and carbonized soils to perform a deep cleanse on all types of surfaces. First, Bio Mighty provides an immediate deep-cleaning of the sub-surface. Then the safe bacteria trigger an extended, residual cleaning activity on your floors and drains, helping you keep surfaces cleaner longer.

  • Natural d-limonene penetrates deep into floors and grout
  • Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria attack and break down tough grease and organic matter
  • Continues to break down grease after initial use; helps maintain free-flowing drains

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