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Superior Coverage and Finish Performance

High Solids Paints Provide Surface Protection in One Coat

High Solids Paints (HSP) from Lawson Products provide the best coverage in a single can. The high amount of resin and pigments stands out against competing brands to protect against natural elements such as high temperatures, UV, corrosion and moisture. High Solids Paints are available in a wide variety of colors to ensure the best color match for your application.

  • Labor-saving, single-coat application for finished coverage
  • Increased coverage with one can of HSP can equal four cans of a competitive product
  • Highly protective against high temperatures, UV, corrosion and moisture

Along with quality products, we offer Lawson Managed Inventory that is time-tested and customer-trusted. A reliable service with technical expertise that you can only get from your dedicated Lawson Products Representative.