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Update your Profiletop

  1. Update your profile for the first time by completing the Forgot your password process.
    Update Profile Pt. 1
  2. If you see this error, try entering your email address as the User ID. If you continue to see this error, go to Find your User ID.
    Update Profile Pt. 2
  3. For security reasons, a password recovery email will be sent to you. Follow the directions in the email, click the Password Recovery link and proceed to update your profile. Here is an example of the email you will receive:
    Update Profile Pt. 3

Find your User IDtop

  1. To find your User ID, enter in your email address. An email with your User ID will be sent to you. You can find your User ID through the Forgot User ID link.
    Find your User ID

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  1. If you are new to the website and you don't have an User ID, Register now.
    You can register with or without an account number. Register Part 1
  2. If you see this error message during registration, contact Customer Service for assistance. Register Part 2