Welding Process Products and Accessories


Welding Related Chemicals

Our specialty welding-related chemicals cover a variety of uses like cleaning and protecting base metal prior to welding.


Flashback Arrestors, Regulators and Torches

Flashback arrestors are designed to protect people and equipment from flashbacks and reverse-flow-related explosions.


Process Products and Related Equipment

Oxy-Therm™ Cutting System - Cuts, gouges and pierces virtually any material including all metals and thin concrete. It is excellent for frozen pin and bushing removal.


Welding Accessories

We carry a wide variety of welding accessories including a line of 4-in-1 clamps, welding tools, ground clamps, welding cable and oxy-acetylene hose and fittings.


Protective Outerwear and Accessories

Our welding protective outerwear line provides necessary safety protection.

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Engineering and Technical Expertise at Your Fingertips

Our in-house engineering and technical team has the experience and expertise to understand your welding maintenance challenges. The team is available by phone when you need assistance with product selection for an application, or to suggest the best welding procedures to solve your problem.

Inventory Management Solutions

Welding and Metal Repair Solutions