Wire Harness Assembly and Repair

Follow these 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Select the proper wire gauge

  • Tough, durable cross-linked, self-extinguishing polyethylene insulation
  • NOTE: Primary wire is not recommended in high voltage applications.

Step 2: Strip wire

  • Strips and cuts wires, 28-10 AWG
  • Quick, consistent operation
  • Easy to use, with ergonomic grip

Step 3: Select terminal/connector

    Heavy-duty 3-piece connectors for fleet maintenance

Step 4: Crimp terminal/connector

  • Provides the perfect crimp every time
  • Crimps insulated terminals and connectors 22-10 AWG
  • Smooth crimp action, with ergonomic grip
  • Size - 9"

Step 5: Seal connection with torch or heat tool

  • Lightweight, portable torch with adjustable flame
  • High-quality blue anodized metal finish

Download the Wire Harness Assembly and Repair flyer.