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Lawson Products offers a variety of additional technical and product support.

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Product Information Reports
Product Information Report (PIR): Detailed information about various product options allows you to compare products and confidently select the best product for your application.
Reference Charts and Product Checklists Reference Chart (RC): An easy-to-read comparison of product information and features to help you select the right product. Includes information like product attributes and dimensions, or cross referencing and interchanging between manufacturers and industry norms.

Product Checklist (PC): A comprehensive listing of all the products you'll need to help you complete the repair at hand.
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How-to find Problem Solvers
Problem Solvers (PS): A look at how our products help you avoid problems that commonly occur when using ordinary products.
How-to find Technical Data Sheets Technical Data Sheet (TDS): Detailed information that helps ensure you're using our products safely and correctly to maximize performance. Includes information like dilution ratios for chemicals, suggested welding techniques for various materials and torque settings for proper fastener installation.
How-to find Assortment Backplates Detailed backplates help you find the right product the first time.
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Find the most current Safety Data Sheets by searching by product name or product number.

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